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September Was One of Those Months

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IMG_2151September was one of those months I was glad to see go! It was filled with questions, uncertainty, and set backs. This school year we’re trying to figure out what the best education model is for Ryan. Being in a special education class and going into regular education for related arts and other non-academic programs during the day no longer seems to be the least restrictive environment for him. Yet, how will he accomplish more of the regular education academics and how will he do with changing the routine? Are we pushing him too hard? How can we make his academic journey challenging without causing too much anxiety?

Then, on Labor Day, Ryan broke his arm when he fell off his swing in the backyard. More set backs in sleep, eating and mood. Our experience at the pediatrics emergency room at the local Children’s Hospital was exceptional. It was worth the 30 minute drive. I would encourage all parents of children on the spectrum to plan ahead where they would take their child in case of an emergency. Ryan was assigned a child advocate and got to watch Toy Story on the tv while they x-rayed his arm and put him in a cast. His experience was far from traumatic. Going home with a heavy cast on his arm was a different story. It was difficult helping Ryan when he couldn’t communicate clearly what he wanted and needed.

Last week, Ryan got his cast off and I’m seeing glimpses of a happy, smiling Ryan again. He can go back to swinging on the playground at school (I’m still nervous about him using our swing at home.), which had a calming effect on him during the school day. He can sleep better. He can get dressed better. He can run around again, dribble his basketball, play tag, play chase and tickles, and play catch again.

In one week, is Ryan’s IEP meeting where we will discuss how we think he will learn best during second grade. We just keep moving forward, and sometimes backwards, as we make our way through this hectic journey into the world of autism.

Author: ryansmom

I'm a wife, mother, teacher, writer, and advocate of autism. I have a 7 year old son on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. I love writing about the world of autism and our families' daily adventures as we navigate through both stormy and calm waters. Writing this blog is truly therapeutic for me. I hope other families dealing with autism will read this blog and discover that they are not alone.

One thought on “September Was One of Those Months

  1. There are certainly challenges, but reading your blog proves that you’re following your instincts and it works. That is all that should be expected of all parents. He is your hero, you are his champion.


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